Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Schalk and the Super Bowl

I set Google Alerts for various topics of personal interest, including the name Ray Schalk. Usually, it hits listings for memorabilia sales and blogs by guys who look at Schalk's low batting average (.253) and decree that he should not be in the Hall of Fame, no matter how great he was at defense. (As if the Hall has no offensive stars whose defensive liabilities were overlooked by electors...)

However, about the last place I expected to see Schalk's name pop up was in a story related to the Super Bowl. Yet, there he is, mentioned in a Major League Baseball feature about ex-Major Leaguers who once played in this season's Super Bowl cities.

Schalk managed Indianapolis of the American Association in 1938 and the first half of 1939, when he "resigned." Schalk also has a link to the home state of the other Super Bowl city, New Orleans. When he was player-coach of the Chicago White Sox (1927-28), the team trained in Shreveport, La., in the extreme northwest corner of the state, some 340 miles from New Orleans.

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