Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Back to work on Schalk book

My inactive period during the Ray Schalk biography process is over.

After a few months away -- the manuscript was submitted at the end of January -- I'm back on duty for Ray Schalk: A Baseball Biography. Today, a box containing page proofs of the book reached my doorstep.

My task is to proofread the book and complete an index -- and do so in short order. The publisher expects to receive my changes and index, make the fixes and print the book in less than one month. The book is scheduled for printing on August 6.

I start this work with some sadness. On Monday, I learned of the death of Gene Carney, the leading expert on the Black Sox scandal, who provided me feedback on the Black Sox section of my manuscript and wrote a favorable advance review of my work. I regret that Gene won't receive a copy of the finished product with my note of appreciation.

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