Saturday, March 07, 2009

Additional Schalk photos surface

The same day that I learned the title and saw the cover of my Ray Schalk biography, I also got a look at some Schalk photos that recently surfaced.

Fortunately, my publisher has agreed to consider adding them to the biography, even though the "final" manuscript, photos and captions were submitted more than a month ago.

The photos come courtesy of Lillian Hendricks, widow of a Schalk nephew, and Debbie Brinson, widow of a Schalk grandson. Debbie's husband, Roy, died last October after an extended illness (so extended that I was unable to interview him for the book).

The image above is the Ray Schalk Family -- Pauline, Lavinia, Ray and Ray Junior -- in 1929 in New York's Polo Grounds. This was the one and only season Ray Sr. was player-coach of the New York Giants (and his last season as a player, during which he appeared in five games). The family story is that "Vin" drove herself and the two children from their home in Chicago to New York to visit Ray.

Below is Ray with his kids. As adults, the siblings were not particularly close -- far from it, actually.

I especially like these photos because they give a glimpse of late 1920s fashion -- in baseball uniforms and civilian attire.

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