Sunday, November 02, 2008

Schalk in clip of vintage baseball video

Fellow members of the Society for American Baseball Research called my attention to a film montage posted on YouTube showing various scenes from the game's Deadball Era.

It included a short clip of the subject of my next biography, the Chicago White Sox' Ray Schalk, successfully executing a squeeze bunt during the 1919 World Series. (This, of course, was the Black Sox series, after which eight White Sox players were banned for life for conspiring to lose the series to the Cincinnati Reds. Schalk was probably the first honest player to suspect the fix was occurring.)

This is a video you might want to watch several times. Each time, you might note another little aspect of the game. Compare the condition of the fields, even in a World Series, to today's manicured diamonds. The uniforms. The attire and enthusiasm of the fans. The advertisements on the outfield walls. And on and on.

Thanks to InitialNoticeBlack for posting this and other rare baseball film clips.

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